Massdrop x Zambumon GMK Jamón

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Stem mount
Legend style

If you’ve ever been to Spain, you’re more than likely familiar with jamón. A type of cured ham, it has a rich, nutty flavor recognized around the world. To pay tribute to the wonderfully salty cured meat, native Spanish designer Zambumon—who you may know from sets like Serika and Nautilus—created GMK Jamón. A collection of deep reds, the set features white legends to convey the marbling of fat, where jamón gets its irresistibly savory flavor. Even if you’re not into cured ham, 2019 is the Year of the Pig in the Chinese zodiac, so there’s plenty to get excited about.

Second run (Jamón 2) produced in 2022.

Colours (placeholder)
red, black, white