• Material
  • Key mount
  • Cherry MX
  • Quantity
  • 370
  • Designer
  • Matt3o
  • Main Color
  • Profile
  • Legend printing
  • Sublimation
  • DOM
  • 2014.06.30
  • Manufacturer
  • Signature Plastics
  • Color codes

Granite was the first full PBT set (including the spacebars) in DSA family with sublimated legends produced by Signature Plastics.

The name comes from the SGI Granite colors. To give an idea of the final result during the design phase the two-tones gray option was called “granite”. The other two (not produced) options were “Model M Beige” and “Dolch Charcoal”.

The set was sold in the newly available group buy service at PimpMyKeyboard; approximately 370 base kits were produced.

The group buy was organized by Matt3o and great attention was put in the design of the legends. The typeface is Gotham Rounded and both text and icon modifiers are available. The set also includes a “Nerdom” kit with plenty of novelty keys, Cyrillic and support for DE, IT, FR, NO, SW, FI, DK, ES, UK languages.

For undisclosed reasons Signature Plastics had issues dealing with the blue legends (in the International kits) and it was unclear if they could actually print them. At the end they sorted them out and in June 2014 the first orders were dispatched.

Unfortunately some orders were affected by production errors. One of the 1u molds was badly registered and resulted in off-centered stems. Signature Plastics offered refunds or replaced the erratic caps at no additional cost.

  • Granite on Novatouch, image by Muirium
  • Granite ISO, image by jlor
  • Image by rage2000
  • Image by rage2000
  • Poker II, image by janvkn
  • Poker II, image by janvkn
  • detail, image by StylinGreymon
  • Ergodox, image by jdeblese
  • Ergodox, image by jdeblese
  • Ergodox, image by intelli78
  • Poker II, image by intelli78
  • Granite on custom keyboard by Matt3o